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Hi, and Yule Is Coming!

I thought I'd say a little bit more about myself to try and get the ball rolling here!

Name: Suze
A/S/L: 18/F/Queens, NY
Wiccan/Pagan path: Eclectic Solitary Wicca
Time practicing: almost 7 years

I practice as a Solitary simply because I don't know any other practicing Wiccans right now! I was very briefly a member of a small coven, which we disbanded when two of us moved away. I have a very limited budget when it comes to magickal supplies (...and everything else, come to think of it ><), so I've become pretty great at improvising spells and rituals with few ingredients/supplies. Most of my magick consists of simply casting positive energy toward my little, everyday goals: doing well on a test, calming myself when I'm upset, et cetera. I would never, ever cast a spell with harmful intentions, and I don't think that I could be friends with anyone who does. I'm at Witchvox as Suze and have a Wicca/religious studies blog called Peppermint and Prose over at Blogspot (but I'll probably cross-post a lot of stuff from that blog over here).

How long have you been practicing Wicca (or your other Pagan belief)? Is there a particular tradition/style that you practice? Do you perform magick and/or consider yourself a Witch? What has been the reaction of your family/friends to your religion, if you've told them?


Anyway, Yule is coming right around the corner! Dec. 21 - just 10 more days. What do you do to celebrate Yule?

I'll be sending out cards to my close friends and some of my family, baking cookies to share as gifts, and lighting a candle to say a prayer of thanks for the return of the light - nothing fancy, just a simple, happy day for enjoying my family and celebrating the end of the darkest months.
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