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yawiccans's Journal

Young Adult Wiccans and Pagans
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A community for young Wiccans and Pagans to meet, chat, share ideas and information
Merry Meet!
This community is dedicated to uniting young Wiccans and Pagans in a welcoming place to share ideas and information, and just to talk - about anything!


*First and foremost - NO bashing anyone else's religion/beliefs! It's perfectly OK to ask *respectful* questions about what or why someone believes in their given path, but this is meant to be an open, tolerant place, and intentionally insulting anyone's beliefs will get you banned.
* There's no such thing as "off-topic" here - this community is meant to be a place where young Wiccans and Pagans can share their thoughts on any subject, not just religion.
*Please do not post advertisements for any product or service without first obtaining the express permission of the moderator(s). Any ads that are posted without permission will be deleted, and anyone who is found to be repeatedly posting ads will be banned.
*There is no age limit/requirement to join this group, but please try to keep posts both tasteful and relevant to young adult Wiccans/Pagans. There are also no "rating" limits, but please post anything rated 'R' or heavier under a cut.

Brightest Blessings, and have a very happy day!